We are Tamara Twist. We add that little twist to your health videos.

We’re good at making medical videos. That’s our focus!

Creative Health TV

Only health

You cannot be good at everything! So we solely focus on medical and health topics. That’s where we excel!

Only video

Yes, of course Tamara can read and write, but she’s more the video-type! When text is needed, she works with specialised copywriters or medical writers.

Preferred supplier for pharma companies

Tamara Twist has the status of ‘preferred supplier’ for some big pharmaceutical companies. Indeed, she knows that you have to follow pharmacovigilance training before you can interview patients.

Graphics and 3D

More and more animation is being integrated into video. Tamara frequently works with specialised animators who like to drawn and design.

General public vs B2B

Yes, Tamara makes TV-shows and broadcasts, but she still likes to be surrounded by Health Care Professionals. She loves GPs, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, nutritionists, therapists, and many more.

Hmmm, nice price

Tamara doesn’t like big overhead structures. She’s into being ‘light’. So, clients don’t have to pay high overhead costs. Hushhh…that’s the secret of her competitive prices.

Who is Tamara Twist?

Founder of Tamara: Jan Van Parijs

Jan has been a medical journalist, TV presenter and director since the late 90s. He sometimes works for TV stations such as Vitaya, CANVAS, Télé Bruxelles or Canal Z. If you are a medical professional you may be familiar with his work for Wunderman, Mevipro, M Touch, Artsenkrant and various pharmaceutical companies.

Making TV is always teamwork

We work with a trusted pool of professional cameramen, sound engineers, directors and technicians. Sometimes we work ‘high end’ – that’s when a generous budget is available – but we’re just as capable of working our magic on more limited resources. In such cases Tamara adopts a DIY approach. Do It Yourself! One medical journalist takes on the job of cameraman, sound engineer and editor. 3 for the price of 1!

Swinging into action

At Tamara Twist we aren’t very fond of routine. You can find us working here, there and everywhere. Don’t be surprised to find us in the operating theatre, at a medical conference, at the bedside of a patient or even in some far-flung corner of the world.

Your medical video made by Tamara Twist?

Your medical video made by Tamara Twist?

Happy clients.










Working with Tamara Twist means working with like-minded spirits. Forget endless discussions about production, but prepare to share your ideas, and in return receive valuable and enthusiastic feedback and new suggestions…This truly is a top team!


Anja Buytaert

Even with minimal instructions this team knows what to do. In their videos they go to the essence. Attractive and to the point!


Geert Verrijken
Editor-in-chief Artsenkrant/Journal du médecin

Tamara Twist stands for a highly professional approach with a trademark smile. The team actively thinks along with the client in order to achieve the best result possible.


Kristof Cannoot

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